Personal Work


An easy to use moderation bot made for Discord. Features a plethora of moderation commands and a reCaptcha verification system.

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A hub for highschool students to plan their future. Features a profiles system, gpa calculator, and job finder. Note: Jola has since been sold to STIBARC LLC.

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An robot that I coded for my Robotics class. It features the ability to be controlled with a remote controller and move by itself using ultra sound sensors.

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Client Work

The Resource Dealers Bot

A client was running a business relating to farming for in-game items. They needed a simple way to keep track of how many items have been farmed, have they reached their goal, and see the contributions, all through Discord. I built a bot for them that did exactly that!

Product Testers Bot + Website

A paid access group that allowed users to review free items. The website required a catalog for users to browse through and a Login With Discord system to check if the user was in the group. Sellers would be notified about a user purchasing their product via a message from the bot.
Miracle eSports Bot + Website

An eSports Team reached out to me requesting a custom website featuring a login system for players to recieve updates. I also created a Discord Bot for them that would simply embed any important content.

LOK Team Cross-Platform Application

A game studio reached out and requested an updater tool for their game loader. This project was worked in collaboration with @herronjo.

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